Temple of JOY

Temple of JOY is a rolling art installation within Squatter Mobile Art Gallery. The Temple is filled with objects which invoke happiness within, collected from friends and family and created by Heather Rosner/ JOY Gallery.  You’re welcome to come inside! Please sit for a moment and feel the beauty. 


A 1973 Shasta Compact trailer, transformed into an interactive pop-up mobile art gallery. SQUATTER was created by Artist/ Curator Alissa Alfonso. SQUATTER extends art outside the walls & into the community.


Call of the Void: New Work by Merrilee Challiss

Ancestor Cloud- The Wise Man $325

Ancestor Cloud- Grandmother's Spirit $250

M in More moon time $450

O in mOre moon time $450

O in more moOn time $450

I in more moon tIme $450

Collected Objects Invoking Happiness

Cheryl Flango Elliot’s worn out baby shoes (sent from SF)

Allen Schlung Fred the Rock given his friend Angie over 20 years ago (sent from SF)

Heather Rosner Chicken McNugget Buddy Toy, Photos, Shells, Love in the Details

Abel Oleson Looking glass (sent from SF)

Kris Struble Gizmo & the Gremlins Book (sent from SF)

Jessica Longo Hedgehog card & KPOO magnet (sent from SF)

Sean Newport Early 1900’s soft sculpture, Hanging Wood Ornaments (sent from SF)

Zac Amendolia Feigling mini bottle (sent from SF)

Karen Thomas Cast of dog’s paw & cast of her uncle in an ash tray (sent from SF)

Gina Contreras Tiny tin plate replicas of childhood sibling toys (sent from SF)

Chris Sorrentino Cranial Rubber Ball

Rose Weise Maneki-neko Lucky Cat

Donna R Rion Branch from her favorite tree

CeCeilia Consolini Holy Water

Geraldine Rosner Rosary, Enamel pin, Meaningful bookmark

Arendse Skovmøller Crossword Puzzle book (sent from Denmark)

Linda Quakenbush Incense from Yogananda Church (sent from LA)

Caren Anderson Temple of JOY Shiny Bits Art Piece (sent from LA)

Stacy Budowsky Stained glass from Holocaust survivor, Lavender water, Branches

Manon Weise Shells, Sponges, Chandelier Crystals

Alissa Alfonso SQUATTER, Art Supplies

Hope you enjoy the rolling temple of JOY installation as well as your time here at Art Basal Miami. Florida is truly a special place.

Be well.


Heather Rosner